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Neil has been an audio engineer for over 15 years originally producing, recording and mixing a wide variety of indie rock bands and singer songwriters. He also has specialised in location recordings for major artists of their live shows. In recent years he has concentrated on mastering. He believes that the insight from this experience of the entire process from recording the first guide track, to the final mix, gives him a unique and helpful insight as the final Mastering Engineer of your project.


My approach to mastering is best described as “sympathetic” to the original mix. If a mix has reached mastering I assume (unless told otherwise) that the vision of that mix is what was wanted by the Artist, Producer and Engineer. I therefore view it as my job to take that vision and put simply, make it sound as glorious as possible without damaging that orginal artistic intent. If there is something fundamentally wrong with the mix I would talk to the artist first and make suggestions rather than simply try and reverse engineer an out come with multiband compressors and MS tricks. A well balanced mix in the first place always makes for the best master.

To that end I like to work primarily in the analogue domain initially as I'm a big believer in “Analogue Vibe” being imparted onto your mixes especially if they have been done “In The Box” as many mixes are these days. A quality analogue chain can really make an “In The Box Mix” sound like it was done on a big vintage console.

What Clients Say
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    "I've worked with Neil for many years on many different projects and styles including classical, jazz, electronica and various media commissions, as well as the recent mastering of Piano Interrupted's second album. Quite simply, he always delivers exemplary product, and with minimum fuss. Care, attention and a musical ear. The man is high fidelity."

    Tom HodgeNoted Composer and one half of Piano Interupted www.tomhodge.com
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    "Neil is our go to guy when it’s time for mastering. When I am done mixing I want to hand it over to someone I know will take good care of my babies. Neil has a great ear for music and combined with his talent and skills his mastering work is always impeccable. He’s also a great guy who will always go the extra mile!"

    Anders Höglund Midas Studios Finland
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    "Thanks Neil! For your professionalism, your commitment to the job and your great attitude.It is a pleasure working with you! The song sounds amazing! I will be working with you again."

    Pablo Peter Akselradwww.3musica.com
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    There is only one thing to say :
Neil Pickles loves what he does.
There is no other explanation for how this mastered album sounds.
Amazing !

    Mani GutauSongwriter and leader of URMA http://www.urma.ro/
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    "I've worked with Neil for several years & have recommended him to countless other artists & musicians.  He's an olde-fashioned perfectionist & his attention to detail is perfect counterweight to my more 'instinctive' approach to making records.  We end up with the best of both worlds & he doesn't stop until it sounds perfect. The best mix engineer I know, bar none."

    Padraig WhelanUk Recording Artist
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    "Few facilities in the globe will take care of your audio and make it glow like Reveal Sound. Awesome gear and, more importantly: the skills and experience using it. Salud Reveal Sound!!"

    Latin Grammy and Multi Premios Gardel winning Producer/Engineer Facundo RodriguezArgentina
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    Big shout to Neil Pickles at Reveal Sound for all of the recent "Atlas" mastering. Not to mention the publicity also! Only just now have i been able to have a proper listen to the mastered version of "Rock, Paper, Knives" at volume - proper job.

    James Kirk - ATLASUK


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The Reveal Sound Studio is state of the art and combines the best of analogue and digital equipment.


Sonic Soundblade Professional Mastering DAW

Avid Pro Tools HDX 11HD

MacPro 12 Core

UAD-2 Quad DSP Card

Avid HD i/o 16x16 ADDA

Antelope Isochrone Trinity Master Clock

Primary Analogue Mastering Chain

Manley Massive Passive Mastering Version Valve EQ

George Massenburg Labs 8200 EQ

Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Mastering Plus Vari Mu Valve Compressor

Alan Smart C2 Compressor with high pass filter side chain modification.

Monitors - Focal SM9 on China Cones.

Primary Digital Tools

Sonnox Elite Bundle, Sonoris Mastering EQ

Plug In Alliance V2 EQ, FabFilter ProL

Massenburg Design Works Digital EQ

Flux Pure Analyzer with Metering Option

Slate Digital VTM, FG-X, ProAudioDSP DSM V2

Izotope RX3, Sonnox Restore

UAD-2 Ultimate Plug Ins Collection

Further Plug ins by

McDSP Everything Pack

Soundtoys V4 bundle

Slate Digital Platinum Trigger

Softube Bass Amp Room, TSR1 and Trident A Range.

Everything by Avid

Waves Platinum Bundle (includes mastering collection)

Miscellaneous Studio Outboard Mixing Avalon 737sp Millennia STT1 x2 SSL E Signature Channel Strip Lexicon PCM 81 Backline Fender BluesDeluxe “Tweed” , Fender Rosewood Telecaster, Fender Telecaster, Larivee D05 acoustic guitar, Tokai 360 6 and 12 string guitars, Charango and a tonne of percussion. Microphones Schoeps M222 Valve Condensor with MK4 capsule, JZ Microphones Vintage 11, DPA 4061 x 2, Shure SM57 Beta


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25 Mar 2015

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Pleased to say I’ll finally be getting some professional photos of the new set up! Watch this space for an enhanced website, better images and more blogging activity. Saludos Neil


03 Feb 2014

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My approach to mastering is best described as “sympathetic” to the original mix. If a mix has reached mastering I assume (unless told otherwise) that the vision of that mix is what was wanted by the Artist, Producer and Engineer. I therefore view it as my job to take that vision and put simply, make […]


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In addition to Audio Mastering, Reveal Sound can also offer other sevices. Take advantage of over 20 years worth of professional audio expertise by trusting Reveal Sound with your next project.



Occasionally some of my mastering clients require extra help to get their mixes to the necessary standard for release. Stem mastering and full mixing services are available on request.


Live Recording

Through partnership with ProCap Ltd - I have recorded AAA artists using mobile Pro Tools HD rigs in venues ranging from Kasabian at the O2 arena to Joan Armatrading at the Royal Albert Hall.



Over the last 20 years I have given unbiased professional advice for a variety of clients to assist them in making the right equipment and supplier choices for their studio builds.


Get in contact for a personalised quotation for your next audio project.

Get in contact for a personalised quotation for your next audio project.

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